An Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) is a new way for investors and the communities to support Astarter using the Cardano blockchain. Users who wish to participate in our ISPO can delegate their ADA using the Yoroi or Moonstake wallet to the public Astarter stake pools for any period which they choose.
Through Astarter ISPO you can delegate your ADA to the public Astarter stake pools.
This ensures that you keep your ADA safe in your own wallet, but are rewarded with Astarter Tokens (AA) based on the quantity of ADA staked and the duration for you stake with our pools.
  • Reason 1

    Stake to earn, the Astarter ISPO participants will be the first one to get AA tokens for the public.
    Reason 1
  • Reason 2

    Appeal more people who hold ADA to join Astarter pool, and build a strong community to share our value and passion to the DeFi area.
    Reason 2
  • Reason 3

    Priority to the Astarter ISPO participants accessing to Merge Staking and AWLS NFT
    Reason 3

Here’s what AA you could earn from staking.

Amount of ADA staked (Drag to change)
AA best and worst case scenario (estimates) :
  • Best Case AA
    (per epoch)
  • Worst Case AA
    (per epoch)
  • Best Case AA
    (per 6 epoch)
  • Worst Case AA
    (per 6 epoch)

How to participate in Astarter ISPO

How to participate in Astarter ISPO

Astarter ISPO is a two-staged ISPO that consists of both;


ISPO for liquidity provision (stage 1)

This first stage enables the community to accumulate an assignment of native AA tokens which can be utilized in the second stage merged staking ISPO.


Merged Staking, community, and ecosystem incentives (stage 2)

This stage enables the staking of AA tokens to generate points that merge with staking pool rewards to earn AA Tokens on top of the ADA.


Stake your ADA

To participate you can use a compatible ADA wallet such as Yoroi or Moonstake, search for the Astarter ISPO stake pools and choose a pool to delegate.


If you have any questions on how to participate in, please contact us via telegram or discord.